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 China Olympic 2008 Fountain Pen


 On July 13th 2001 the IOC elected Beijing to be the host of the Olympic Games in 2008. Beijing was selected over its competitors Paris, Toronto, Osaka and Istanbul. The slogan of the games is ¡°One World, One Dream¡± and there are three main themes:

Do you Know?

Do you know which different kinds of sport are included to the Olympic Games? Herein this pen you¡¯ll find a list of different sports in the coming Olympic Games in Beijing 2008. From A like Aquatic to W like Wrestling all sports are listed.


In 1908 the Olympic Games were first mentioned in a Chinese magazine. Already in 1922 Wang Zhengting became the first Chinese member of the IOC, in 1928 China delegated the first observer to the Games in Amsterdam. When rumours spread in 1932 that the government of the Japanese puppet state Mandschuko had plans to participate in the Games in Los Angeles, a delegation of five- one of them a participating athlete- was quickly put together. The Chinese sprinter Liu Changchun entered the 100m as well as the 200m run but could not qualify for the final runs.


The official emblem of Beijing 2008 entitled "Chinese Seal-Dancing Beijing" cleverly combines the Chinese seal and the art of calligraphy with sporting features, transforming the elements into a human figure running forward and embracing triumph. The figure resembles the Chinese character "Jing", which stands for the name of the host city and represents a particularly significant Chinese style. The artwork embodies four messages:

- Chinese culture,
- the color of red China
- Beijing welcomes friends from all over the world
- to challenge the extreme and achieve the perfect and promote the Olympic motto of "Citius, Altius, Fortius (Faster, Higher, Stronger).






    Pen Facts


This Olympc pen measures 13.8cm long and 0.9cm and having a fine stainless nib. Aeromatic ink pump and a wet writer.



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