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Chinese Culture is my love and pens my passion. Doing both as a hobby and a part time job is like a marriage between Heaven and Earth, Divine!

Yi Cheng Oriental Pen website is specially created by me for Pen lovers like you to enjoy the best of China Culture embedded in oriental Fountain Pen.  With high prices of fountain pens these days, it is hard to get a reasonable price pen and start writing. We hope that our website allows you to enjoy the fun of collecting and writing with a fountain pen.

I started using fountain pen since i was a young boy of 10 and since then, fountain pens of various shapes and sizes amaze me. Whenever i saw one i would dream of owning them. Over the years i used Parker, Sheaffer, Eversharp, Cross and Mont Blanc, but their high prices skyrocketed, making it out of reach to ordinary folks. I therefore took on the task of introducing the unknown chinese fountain pens to pen lovers like you.

Till this day, i am still enjoy using my chinese fountain pen wherever i go. My friends ask me why i love them and the answer is simple:" Chinese is my root and i am proud to write with it"

Most of the pens on this website are personally made and not available in stores, with some specially chosen and made under my instruction.

This website is divided into different categories, catering to different needs. Budget pens starts from 1 cent to less than 10 dollars, while the high end pens are dedicated to serious pen collectors.

Money once spent is gone, but a good story line written with your favorite pen last forever.

My last few years has been spent travelling to China and seldom have time to update my site. This last update is on 10th Oct 2009.

Search for your favourite items using the search feature on the top menu.

Enjoy our fine selections of pens and read my essays on Chinese Cultures. We have recently expanded or range of products to Chinese Kung Fu, Magic, Lion Dance, Chinese Medicine and Chinese Culture, making this a one stop station for Oriental lovers.

Have Fun! 

Alan Koo

This week Promotional Fountain Pen!

  The olympic may be over, but the memory remains with this commemorative pen, up for grab at a special price!

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